Play with the Piplings and explore the magical world of Nara on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

Nok Tok, Lau Lau, De Li and Yojojo are waiting for you in 5 wonderful interactive games that your cheebie will love.

Games include:

LAU LAU – Get creative with Lau Lau and colour in her beautiful pictures!

NOK TOK – Nok Tok is always building things and solving problems. Help him fix his follow box so he can drive the Piplings around Nara.

DE LI – De Li loves gardening. Plant pretty flowers and vegetables and watch them grow!

YOJOJO – It’s music time with Yojojo! Play pan pipes, drums and even Yojojo’s Banjojo!

PEEKA – Everyone’s favourite game of hide and seek! Can you find all the Piplings?

About Waybuloo

Waybuloo is a philosophy for a happy life, and is like nothing children have ever seen before. The hit CBeebies television show, a unique mix of animation and live action, is a highly innovative approach to pre-school programming focusing on children’s emotions. It transports children to Nara, a live-action world inhabited by adorable animated characters called Piplings who embody a range of emotions such as Love, Wisdom, Happiness and Harmony. Join the loveable Piplings, Nok Tok, De Li, Lau Lau and Yojojo, for new and surprising adventures as they explore the beautiful land of Nara on a journey to happiness.

Waybuloo is produced by The Foundation, part of Zodiak Kids and Decode Entertainment for the BBC.

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