About Us

Swipe Entertainment was formed in early 2010 to take advantage of the explosion of casual gaming and the mass penetration of devices with touch screens. Swipe entertainment is specialised in the development of Games, Entertainment and Leisure applications for devices with touch screens.

Touch screens have been around for many years but it is on their mobile phones that most consumers use them regularly. Since the launch of iPhone in 2007 many millions of consumers now feel this is the most intuitive way to interact with their mobile. Additionally they also find the touch screen an intuitive and compelling way to interact with games and entertainment applications.

Over the coming few years many millions of consumers will purchase devices with touch screens including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Android phones, tablet devices, laptops with touch screens and more.

Gaming has been one of the largest entertainment and leisure activities for many years. However despite the huge size of the market games were still largely consumed by a core audience of predominantly males aged 16 – 24.

Increasingly gaming is gaining a far more broad appeal and a more casual audience looking for simple, intuitive games which can be played for short periods of time by players with any skill level.

The Nintendo Wii has certainly played its part is breaking games to a new audience focusing on fun and intuitive use of the Wii controller and simple games. This has resulted in a large female and more casual gaming audience.

Marking games and apps for devices with touch screens is different to making games for other devices. We are afforded a great deal of freedom in the way we design the user interface and the interaction mechanics. However to do this well, games need to be specifically designed with this in mind and this is the motivation for our dedicated focus.

The team at Swipe Entertainment have extensive experience in the games industry, mobile industry and software and games development. This experience has allowed the team great insight in to the market and consumer trends and technology. The management team behind the company have some 20 years plus experience of the games industry, extensive experience in mobile phone content and mobile technology, e learning and user interface design.

The experience of the team at Swipe Entertainment, coupled with the explosion of casual gaming and huge penetration of devices with touch screens meant that the opportunity had gained critical mass and so we formed Swipe Entertainment in early 2010.