ShopChat is a totally free shopping focused list and chat app that lets you have all your shopping thoughts, wishes and conversations in one place. Forget about random emails, texts and wish lists flying around – have it all in ShopChat!

Chat in real-time with your friends, no matter where they are, and get direct and honest opinions on what to buy and especially what not to buy.

Share wish and/or shopping lists with your friends, add to your own as well as friends’ lists and tick off as you shop.

Use ShopChat to get honest opinions from your friends and to plan anything that requires intensive shopping; parties, birthdays, outings, doing up the house/apartment, or any larger occasion or project.

You’re going to fall for ShopChat. Here’s why:
★ One chat per item, so you can keep track of what your friends said about a specific item

★ Real-time Chat with shopping specific icons – muffin top, fab, plain ugly, meltdown….

★ Instant notifications – your friends will see straight away if you need shopping help or you have shared a list with them

★ Group Lists – everybody on the same list can update the list with new items and tick off as they shop

★ Reward your friends for helping you

★ Honest and in-touch app, with a warm look and feel, offline lists, and more!

Give ShopChat a try today and get all your tips, lists and chats in one place! Shop smart with ShopChat!

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