Undercover Boss


Play the official Undercover Boss Game! Based on the hit reality TV show which sees top executives go undercover within their company.


You are the boss of franchise chain Café Star and will go undercover in one of five exciting locations. Your tasks include serving demanding customers quickly and accurately.

Make pizza, blend fruit juice, scoop ice cream, and bake muffins – these are just some of the fun tasks you’ll need to master to keep customers happy. For bonus points you’ll be presented with mini-games including washing dishes, clearing tables and separating the recycling correctly.

Complete all 9 levels to unlock a brand new location.

Work in 5 locations each with different menus:

  • Pizza Star
  • Noodle Star
  • Coffee Star
  • Juice Star
  • Ice Cream Star

For additional bonus points once you’ve completed 9 levels at each location you will be asked to identify the good and lazy workers so keep an eye on your staff.

It’s now time to swap your suit for an apron, and get working!

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