Coca-Cola launch SpriteCity for ipad

sprite-citySprite City is a fun and strategic game! Refresh the neighborhood with Sprite by guiding your car to the indicated points! But be careful, do not let the cars collide and do not let the locations run out of Sprite or you’ll have to start all over again. Get more points and become the best in town!

Pay attention to the appearance of cars and garages. Then, drive randomly through the streets, but you should guide the cars by touching them, creating a path for them to travel through the streets to the garage as indicated by a blue arrow. A line will illuminate the path you’ve marked out. Every car supplied with Sprite increases the level of freshness of the place, leaving it more lively and increasing your amount of points! The longer you play the more cars and garages you will have to control! The game ends after a collision or a garage empties. Pay attention to the gauges that indicate levels of freshness.

Trace different routes for each car to avoid collisions. Never leave a car unattended in the city because it may collide with another at any time! Don’t forget to deliver at the right moment, as time goes by cars will become scarce!